Dispatches from the Intern Desk: the photo shoot

Remember our interns? We gave them a camera and a word processor and set them loose at our photo shoot to document all of the goings on.


On November 16th I spent an evening in the pitch-black darkness of the cabaret to get some behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot that would capture the festival’s poster image.

Capturing a single photo that illuminates the diversity, energy and raw emotion of the festival is no easy task. But I soon discovered that when you have a team made up of such talents as Ben Kamino, whose physicality was full of fire and intensity, add in photographer Tanja Tiziana who kept everyone’s energy high, the task is made a little easier.

Since my role was to document the action behind the camera I had the benefit of watching the creative process develop. After three hours of playing around with movement, lighting, mirrors, and people running around in the dark with flashlights held tightly in both hands to create the streams of light you see in the final poster, we were left with an array of looks to choose from. I can definitely say that everyone in the room contributed towards creating the final image, which you can’t deny is honest and full of passion. I’m looking forward even more now to spending the next few months at Buddies as the excitement ramps up leading towards the festival in February.

You can check out some footage that was shot during the photo shoot that evening.

Post by Carys + Video by Meara