DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR: Ulysses’s Plush Horror


Remember the classic and somewhat disturbing song that begins? “If you go down in the woods today, you’ll get a big surprise!”

While Teddy Chainsaw Massacre may not be the blissfully queer image of frolicking bears in the forest, it does promise to be equally as memorable. This collaborative performance piece was created by Ulysses Castellanos and Sherri Hay, both multidisciplinary artists who have presented work in Toronto and internationally. The piece is bound to be a humourous bloodbath, redistributing horrific and gory images onto innocuous, lifeless stuffed animals. With the manipulation of these furry creatures, they have adapted the iconic horror film onto a new medium, juxtaposing both the gruesome images of the film with the kitschy medium of polyester creatures, to create an thrilling narrative which will doubtless undo our perceptions of cute and cuddly, bringing these teddy’s to life—a dark comic world where the teddy bear picnic turns into the teddy bear massacre