EVENT: Things will be great when you’re Gowntown!

YYZbuddy, Hardkora of the trashy Duo… maybe trio (?) the B-Girlz just announced via Twitter a new monthly event at Buddies. Gowntown – delightfully punny. Totally awesome and YYZBuddies will be there to cover the event.

The outrageous B-Girlz are back, and this time with a whole new monthly night at Buddies in “B” Times. GOWNTOWN is a night of excitement where drag performers – old, new and “only on a dare” – compete to be audience favourite of the night and win $100 and “Gownie” trophy. Enjoy special guest performances by some of coolest acts and see what kind of trouble the B-Girlz can get into when left to their own devices.

Loves it!

Click here for the full deets.