EXCLUSIVE: Brendan Healy’s First Speech

Brendan Healy gave an inspiring speech at last night’s Kick-Off Bash. Healy joked, that metaphor was his schmata (which being well-versed in yiddish made this blogger LOL).

In his inaugural address Healy was humbled by the history of the Queer Theatre Company. This past, according to Healy, will not inspire him but also guide him in his leadership:

“I not only see a story of a group of artistic pioneers and mavericks, who fought to create a space for the avante-guarde in the city. I also see a community who fought and who is fighting for equality. I see a story where a theatre company and community came to together and stood in the face of intolerance and fought for the freedom of expression. And together to took leaps that were never dreamt possible.

Me as a 34-year old gay man standing here tonight my life is in part because of that thirty-year story. So, tonight as I stand here before you as the new Artistic Director of Buddies, I say that I’m about to take a step backwards into the future. And I keep my eyes on the past. And that past nourishes me, inspires me, emboldens me and empowers me. And I know that the past will shed just enough light to let me know that my feet will hit firm ground.

Thank you for thirty years, it’s a gift.”

Click here for the full video.