Home for the Holi-Gays

We dive into ideas of home, belonging, family, and gatherings in this final episode of our first season.

The first half of the podcast focuses on ideas of ‘home’, and we hear primarily from queer folks who migrated to Canada about their fraught relationships with the idea of home and belonging, and how they’ve created their own networks and chosen family. The second half of the recording focuses on experiences around family gatherings and the holiday season – we’re joined by Jill Andrew, MPP for Toronto-St. Paul (where the Oakwood Village library is located), and her partner Aisha.


Here are some of the references, and local Toronto terms you’ll come across in the episode:

  • Buddies Queer Emerging Artist Award: An award given out annually to recognize a queer emerging artist whose theatre practice intersects with their community work.
  • Cherry BombToronto’s longest running women’s/queer party. A Concept, a Party, a Vibe, Cherry Bomb is all about inclusivity, positivity and unity.
  • Dyke March: Typically held on the Saturday of Pride weekend in Toronto, the Dyke March is a radical, political demonstration of critical mass and respond to the ongoing need to create space for queer women to be political and visible.
  • Fudger House: Fudger House is one of 10 City-operated long-term care homes in Toronto, and is noted for providing programming for its queer residents. Check out this interview with Alf Roberts, one of our podcast guests, who came out at age 80 after experiencing the openness of the community there.


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Hosted by Vanessa Dunn.

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