MEET NOBODY’S BUSINESS: Johnnie Walker and Morgan Norwich

Rhubarb artists Nobody’s Business are gettin’ busy this winter and we’re glad it’s at Buddies.

You can see them in an independent presentation of Redheaded Stepchild & A Maude-Lynne Evening, the return of 2 of their sell-out hits opening tomorrow night! Then come back in week two of Rhubarb for their cozy, sexy and playful Who Who Who’s Got a Crush on You? (A Slumber Party for Boys)

Morgan Norwich and Johnnie Walker – photo by Greg Wong

From the Artists:

Redheaded Stepchild & A Maude-Lynne Evening are two of the most successful shows Nobody’s Business Theatre has ever produced, and it’s really exciting to be able to present them together as a double-bill. 

Both projects were developed concurrently, and although they are very different, we always think of them as companion pieces, in a way. One is about a precocious twelve year old ginger kid who gets targeted for bullying because of his hair colour (and swishy demeanor), and one is about a pretty bonkers twenty-five year old Emily Brontë nut who simultaneously obsesses over the past, and fuels her obsession through cutting-edge technology (and songs!). But they have more in common than you might think. Both protagonists are outcasts and weirdoes who aren’t afraid to be who they are, and like what they like. We hope the audience gets a kick out of seeing the two shows back to back and making connections between them. 

Who Who Who’s Got a Crush on You? (A Slumber Party for Boys) is a completely different kettle of fish. For one thing, it’s a collectively-devised (a first for Nobody’s Business Theatre), and we’ve got an awesome group of young artists to collaborate with. Our Rhubarb piece exists in an imaginary world where little boys can play “just for girls” games like DreamPhone, and if they win, they really do get the guy. One of our biggest goals for the project is that it’s fun in every way: fun to make, fun to perform, fun to watch. Maybe that should go into our company mandate!” 

Jordan Tannahill, Johnnie Walker and Adam Bourret – photo by Greg Wong

Find full programming details for Who Who Who’s Got a Crush on You (A Slumber Party for Boys) online here. For tickets to Readheaded Stepchild & A Maude Lynn Evening, visit the Nobody’s Business website.