Montreal’s 2Fik is coming to week 1 of Rhubarb as part of our new Sunday Socials, a mix of politically-minded performances and events.

My work as a multidisciplinary artist takes different shapes, from photography to live performances, i always aim to question my identities. In fact, we all have various identities depending on the situation and the way the society sees us. 
In “a semitic score” i play with the muslim man identity, the one that can be seen as a radical or even an extremist. The context is here to recall that muslim and jewish has the same origin. They’re both semites. This performance is as violent as delightful in the sense that it brings down each and every prejudice that we may have about religion. We’re back in the same mold. We’re all human after all…

Then, the “live photo” will be a way to show my other part. The dramatic-visual-gender-bending side of my person. I will be shooting a piece from a painting from de La Tour and will have to change physically to play different characters.

In the end, i disguise myself to show more of me, of my questioning and self-analysis.

2Fik’s Semitic Score/Live Photo is being presented in partnership with FADO Performance Art Centre – for programming info visit the Buddies website or go to 2Fik’s Vimeo page to see more amazing videos