MEET THE ARTISTS: out of line theatre (Winnipeg)

Hello Toronto! Hello Buddies! Hello Rhubarb!

Maybe you’ve seen one of our little Rhubarb shows? In 2008’s Obscene, Ian castrated himself writhing in eggs and ketchup … and in 2009’s Le Petit Mort, Mia found naked naked naked nakedness with a garden gnome …

We’re baaaa-aaack! And this time Tom Cruise & Madonna are coming with us.

Yeah, that’s right! It is time for us to be fame-us!!!

Last year, we – out of line theatre – Mia & Ian – devoted ourselves to the cult of celebrity.

Ian became possessed by Tom Cruise.

Mia communed with Madonna.

And then we mashed ’em up! Imagine – Tom Cruise and Madonna together? Yeah, we know – CRAZY! These two larger then life EGO’s made their way into a studio that was smaller than a celebrity walk-in closet and …


The fame fight was on!

Tom Cruise threatened Madonna with his bat. Madonna spooked Tom Cruise with gay dancers. Tom Cruise opened a bar called “Elefant Dix.” Madonna got stoned. Peanut butter sandwiches and potato chips hit the fan. And, yes, there was even an awards show.

The result? Time 2B Fame Us: Identity Theft in Duet, a 90-minute fame monster that premiered in Winnipeg in December 2010.

Now a new celebrity mission! Engineer a 25-minute version to bring to Rhubarb! Sound like a mission impossible? Do not panic.  Madonna and Tom Cruise have got their people on it. 

We – Ian & Mia – have been working our asses off! And, boy, Madonna and Tom Cruise have been at each other’s throats! Pulling one big DIVA fit after another. Talk about control freaks!!!

Fear not, these two Hollywooders mean business … so we will deliver some dazzling dysfunction …. a cascade of fame … inspired by the waning star power of M & T … MT MT MT MT (do you hear empty?)

So love ’em AND hate ’em! We will tear our fame selves apart for you.

Find out more about out of line theatre on their website, and full programming info for time 2b fame us on the Buddies website.