Morsels: Body Politics and Karaoke Melodrama – Video Art today!

Week 1 at Rhubarb is in full, fantastic swing and the madness has only begun.  Be sure to catch video art, artist’s discussions and the raucous karaoke party happening tonight! 
At 4pm we’ll be diving into body, queerness, multi-race and mixed-sex identity politics in a retrospective of award winning video artist James Diamond.  Stick around after the screening to hear Diamond speak with artist, activist and curator Ananya Ohri .  Co-presented by Pleasuredome.
Check out some of James’ work here.

Later in the evening we’ll be singing to K-Town, in their artist created karaoke lounge, curated and hosted by Meera Margaret Singh and Luke Painter.  Sure to be hilarious and strange, we’ll start the party at 9:30.  Start practicing now: 

created by Edward Birnbaum and Michael Jacobs

Pre-show primer: check out this essay written on James Diamond by Ananya Ohri during her 2010/11 V-Tape fellowship  here.
Check out V-Tape and other essays here.
More karaoke and info on K-Town here.