Morsels: Decentralized Dance Party!

Toronto welcomes back Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party as part of 2012 Rhubarb Mobile Works series.  Mobile Works infiltrates public spaces with performance, and this year features a mad open-source dance party.  On Wednesday February 15, we’ll start dancing at a secret meeting meeting spot (revealed day of right here on the blog) and continue the party at Buddies late into the night.  So what is a Decentralized Dance Party?  Basically, it is a party in a public space, with the sound provided on boomboxes carried by participants. The sound originates from a transmitter in the DJ’s roving backpack, and partiers are decked out with costumes, props, portable light and sound equipment.  But Tom and Gary describe it much better:

What do you need for the Decentralized Dance Party?
Just the drive to reach your own Party Potential.
Read Tom and Gary’s Party Manifesto to seal the deal.

What does Rhubarb need for a Decentralized Dance Party?

How many?

Rhubarb needs all boombox donations, loans or leads.
Any FM portable radio will work.
It needs to be battery operated.
If the battery ports are corroded, we don’t care.
We want it anyway.
Give it up.