PERFORMANCE ORDER #5: Shannon Roszell

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?
Sure, there are the old standards: the dinner-and-movie, the When-Harry-Met-Sally-Met-Ben-and-Jerry, the opening-of-your-mom’s-annual-cheesy-card, the celebratory drink with your fellow singletons… but why not try something new?
We think participants will fall in love with Shannon Roszell’s Red Coat Romance, part of our one-to-one performance series. These past few weeks Shannon has played Cupid, handing out valentines and inviting Torontonians to join her for a skate-(or sledge)-date at Nathan Phillips Square. Tonight, Shannon and her lucky lineup of dates will take to the ice for a unique performance experience sure to warm the heart.
Want to glide the night away? There’s still time to sign up! Email Shannon ASAP at shannon.roszell@gmail.com!
We asked Shannon to fill out a Performance Order form. Read about what she’d choo-choo-choose below:
What do you want the dance/performance to be about?
JOY! Pure joy! The joy of moving your stupid body! It’s also about mobility, an homage to your right foot and the pleasure of walking on it, skating on it.
Describe the movement and sound of the dance/performance.
The movement is very horizontal punctuated by heavy, earthy descents. The breath of the performers gets more and more audible and the score is repeated first slowly and then gradually gathers steam and momentum and SPEED. This continues until the score is small and short due to the break-neck speed at which it is being performed.
What should it look like?
Like a troupe of disabled, gender-neutral Rockettes on black cabaret chairs and tables in wheelchairs or with crutches.
glitter, metal and foam (on the crutches, of course)
under the bright lights of the stage in all its theatrical glory.
Broadway Pink- Rosco Gel 339
Spotlights. Solos.
Any thoughts on Music (a particular piece of music, or genre)?
I broke my foot dancing to Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s “Push It” because it is so damn awesome. I’d encourage you use that.
Is there a mood or theme you would like the piece to communicate/explore?
Ability, disability, joy!
How many performers?
So many. I do like a good solo to begin, however.
Any other ideas or thoughts to share
Can I join in? I must warn that I have a very broken foot but that hasn’t stopped me before!
Who are you?
Shannon Roszell, creator and performer of Red Coat Romance

What do you do?
break my bones dancing…and other things.
almost 30. It is a big step to admit that publicly…