Recommender Grants – FAQ

We’ve gathered some of our most frequently asked RGTC questions for you here, along with some words from 2020 RGTC recipient Julie Phan 潘家雯 , who continues to work with the company this year. Read more about the submissions, due December 10, here.

⁠”The RGTC program allowed me to sit down with all of the material I had generated around this piece and really start to get organized; before I only had a collection of things I wanted to say, but I’ve been able to create some structure to frame it all around. I really appreciate that Buddies allows me to explore the interdisciplinary aspect in a free but also structured way.”⁠

— Julie Phan 潘家雯

Last year, Julie Phan 潘家雯 was a Recommender Grant recipient and is now folding movement into a new work in a meaningful way through our new Seeding Work program.

Photo by Tien Chang.

How does the RGTC program work?

The OAC (Ontario Arts Council) allocates various theatres across Ontario with funds to disburse to theatre creators directly. 

Each theatre has their own areas of interest in terms of content, scale, and artists they are trying to engage with.

The theatre then selects the artists to disburse funds to. 

How do I apply?

You have to apply through OAC’s granting portal, NOVA. Make sure to have a profile created well in advance (so you have time to problem solve if you run into any technical issues). 

You can find the Recommender grants on your profile’s home page. 

Can I apply to more than one?

Yes, you can apply to a maximum of 5 recommenders, requesting a minimum of $1000 to a maximum of $3000

Is this a grant exclusively for TO artists? 

Nope! Artists/collectives from across Ontario can apply…even if they are not in the same city as the Theatre they are applying to.

Does the rehearsal/creation process need to take place in TO? 

Nope! The creation process does not have to take place in the same city at the Theatre you are applying to. 

Is a final presentation/sharing required at the end of the curation period?

Nope! No final presentation/sharing of the work is required. However, you will have to complete a final report for OAC through the NOVA portal at the end of your project. 

I applied in previous years with a project, but didn’t get a grant, should I apply with a different project?

You can…or you can apply with the same project. We generally notice returning applicants, and can see how the project has changed/developed over time. However, if you’re working on something new and want to introduce that piece, feel free to.

Have more questions? Contact Daniel Carter (Interim Programming Director) at daniel@buddiesinbadtimes.com.