TIFF Exclusive: Inside Out Gay Flambe

YYZ Buddies crashed Inside Out’s Gay Flambe last night in full style. The Inside Out Festival hosted its annual TIFF bash at the beautiful National Ballet School. We caught some familiar gay faces at the VIP pre-party and tried to get the scoop on who was expected to make an appearance. An little bird told us that Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page were on the guest list so our eyes were glued to the red carpet all night. We didn’t make it past midnight (too many complimentary gin and tonics!) so we still don’t know if they showed or not. Past celeb Flambe crashers have included Michael Stipe, Sir Ian McKellen and Tilda Swinton (hot!).
Erika Hennebury and Mark Peacock. Upcoming queer theatre director Jordan Tannahill (right) with his very handsome friend, Adrien.