TOP 5: Alicia Grant

Alicia Grant’s Top 5 Places in Toronto to See the Sky

Are you sick of looking at your shoes all the time? Do you want to forget about buildings for 30 seconds? You can feel all cosmic, right here in the centre of Toronto. 
We asked Rhubarb artist Alicia Grant (Stay Here, Don’t Go) to provide us with a fun way to view the city.  Here’s what she came back with – The Top 5 Places in Toronto to See the Sky.  

1. Dovercourt House  
    Bloor + Dovercourt – 3rd Floor Studio

2. No Frills Parking Lot
3. The Beach
4. Roof of Kensington Market Parking Garage
5. Strange New Park
Alicia Grant’s Stay Here, Don’t Go is part of Rhubarb Week 1, February 16 – 20. Full programming details on-line here.