TOP 5: The Young Creators’ Unit

Top 5 Places in Toronto to Bury Treasure

1. Honest Ed’s, because who can find anything in there?

2. Underneath the picnic table you ate Chippy’s and drank tallboys at in Trinity Bellwoods Park. 

3. In the CP24 truck on the side of the CTV Building.

4. In the alley behind Thymeless Reggae Bar.

5. NW corner of Dundas and Yonge. If you hear “JESUS!” you’re getting warmer.

Catch the Young Creators’ Unit presentations every Saturday and Sunday at the Rhubarb Festival – Meg Gennings’ The Lovely Babe and Olive-or-Oliver’s AFFIRMATION: A Sex Show in Six Movements play in Week 1; Andrew Robinson’s Divorce Play: Russian Doll and Evan Vipond’s The Border play in Week 2. Click the links for full programming info. 

Middle photo of CP24 truck taken by stevenharris and used under a creative commons license.