TUBE: Cordelia… Are You Gonna Make It Okay?

Dora Winner Ryan Kelly teams up with the comic brilliance of David Tomlinson in Cordelia. Here is a preview of their upcoming performance.

In the recent issue of fab Magazine Kelly quipped:

“What makes Cordelia not as conventional as Kelly fears is that ‘it’s rare for gay men to see their lives presented not as a novelty or a joke on Will & Grace. Cordelia is the intimate experiences of two men. It’s a new reflection of gay life,’ he laughs. ‘For this one I’m not in a dress. Audiences will have to accept me for who I am, not the height of my heels or the size of my hair.’”

Read Drew Rowsome’s article here.

Cordelia runs Feb 10-14, 9pm. The Cabaret. For more information about the Rhubarb Festival line-up click here.