WERK: Round 2!

This week features some of Canada’s most fearless and brilliant artists. Don’t miss it! Here is this week’s Rhubarb line-up:

Rae Spoon’s beautiful solo show, Hunting!, a chronicle of growing up trans in Pentecostal Calgary, with songs, stories and animations.

Media artist Jeremy Bailey with his solution to the modern dilemma or theatre, with Shakespeare karaoke, goateed weeping avatars and more with The Future of Theatre.

Lindsey Clark and Aubrey Laufer explore distance, love and longing with catchy electronic pop songs, cats in human form and sequined moustaches in Moustaches &Lipstick.

Jordan Tannahill’s company, Suburban Beast, investigates the question “What would you die for?” in collaboration with five 11-year-old performers in Insurgency.

Jonathan Heppner and Sasha Kovacs bring you a glorious tribute to the bygone era of lace and leather, denim and hairspray with Headbangers.

Out Of Line Theatre puts their sloppy spin on George Battaille’s morbidly erotic short story The Dead Man in Le Petit Mort.

The incomparable d’bi.young with the first play in her new trilogy, She, inspired by celebrity obsession and female pop stars like Rihanna.