QueerCab: Call for Submissions

i’m inspired most by the people in my life who say out of pocket shit, yes, this is a cabaret, and yes, this is a curated event, and yes, no one is asking any of these questions and yet i’m still answering them, nonetheless, this is my motivation for saying i want out of pocket responses to our out of pocket themes because broadly speaking, theatre now feels highly processed, not to say we’re not making good theatre but it’s clear to me that we’re constantly writing, deleting, rewriting, reworking, workshopping our words, how much do we get to say things in the moment? 

— Julie Phan 潘家雯, Artistic Producer Intern

We’re looking for first impulses, uninhibited thoughts, the weirder the better. Take these themes as far and as literally as you need to, and be celebrated in your roughest, unedited thoughts and feelings. Whether you’re an emerging creator looking to perform something for the first time or you’re a seasoned professional who’s tired of aspiring to a level of perfection that feels unattainable, this evening is for you! 

Each piece will be 5-10 minutes long. Artists will each be provided with $150 honorarium. For any inquiries or if you require any assistance on submitting, please reach out to julie@buddiesinbadtimes.com.

Read on to find about more about this year’s QueerCab series, and submit for our April edition by February 27.


Breaking the Hays Code 

January 18, 2023 

Thanks to all who came out to our first QueerCab of the season, and congrats to our incredible performer lineup: snork mimimi collective, Eric Kinsella, Jack Orion, Calyx Passailaigue, Ashley T., Kez Vicario-Robinson, and Xen0hyena.

Read artist bios and learn more about January’s performances.


April 12, 2023 
Submit by: February 27, 2023 

This iteration of QueerCab looks to expand on themes of isolation and exile, to exploring human nature in everyday life and global socio-political structures through a queer lens.

Note: we have edited the curatorial prompt for the queercab after some feedback received. The original is posted below for transparency’s sake. As well, we’ll be donating all proceeds at the door to a Ukraine-based queer arts and human rights organization (to be confirmed with the organization).

[Original copy: They’re Lenin in the streets, and Dostoevsky in the sheets! This iteration of QueerCab looks to filter Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s unique style and perspectives through a 21st Century queer lens: from themes of isolation and exile, to exploring human nature in everyday life and chaotic socio-political structures in 19th Century Russia.]


To be announced soon!