June 16

Image of a graphic that reads, “BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES THEATRE QUEER PRIDE! June 2-25, 2023” with black block letters ranging in boldness. The text is surrounded by a black border, with a rainbow gradient background.

June 16, 7PM | The Cabaret | $10 / $25 / $40 / $70 | PWYC at the door

The third and final show of a three-part series, QueerCab is a space for first impulses, uninhibited thoughts, the weirder the better. Celebrating artists’ most unedited thoughts and feelings.

This iteration of QueerCab is WWE – Queer Rumble.

Featuring Ajahnis Charley, and their sibling, El Experimento, Lallafral, Leopard menace, MD, Rosalind Goodwin, and Rubie Magnitude.

Hosted and curated by Julie Phan 潘家雯.


Ajahnis Charley

Headshot image of Ajahnis, posing with their hands on their face.Ajahnis Charley (they/them/that b*tch) is a Black, Non-Binary comedian and is the Just For Laughs’ New Face of Comedy: Canada. Well, one of ten. But look how pretty they are! They are an alum of The Second City and they write for news satire platforms This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Beaverton and Because News. If you hear a pun about butts in Canadian media, they likely had something to do with it. They will be presenting a sketch from his duo comedy show ‘MESH’ with iconic comedian Tom Hearn. Follow Ajahnis on Instagram.

First Date
Ajahnis Charley has a first date live on stage that they wil never forget.

and their sibling

Graphic image with white text reading, AND THEIR SIBLING, overtop a purple background with pink, blue, red, and yellow shapes.“and their sibling” is a podcast hosted by drag performers Alexandher Brandy and Rye, where they take the audience through a hilarious, sassy, and raunchy queer history. The co-hosts met in now-defunct gay Toronto bars in 2019 and have been collaborating, bantering, and laughing together ever since. Follow and their sibling, Rye, and Alexandher Brandy on Instagram.

Sibling Showdown
And their sibling is Alex and Robin and for this cabaret, they will host the ultimate queer celebrity showdown! Come vote for your favourite queer sibling in an exciting bracket tournament of hilarious debate.

El Experimento

Image of El Experimento, playing guitar on stage in drag makeup.THE MAN
Have you ever thought about your gender? What makes a man? A huge bulge? Tight spanx? Or how about a latex mask? El Experimento got hired for a gig. He has to get dressed but his neuropspicy ass is experiencing dysphoria. Through song, dance, stripping, and short commentary, audiences are invited into the world of preparing for performance as a pre transition, trans masculine drag king. Think of this scene from The Grinch. Except it’s drag. And clown. And mask. And trans. And extremely homoerotic. TOTALLY NOT CLICKBAIT.
Follow El Experimento on Instagram.


Image of lallafral, in drag makeup, a black and red wig, wearing a collar and chains.Lallafral is a multidisciplinary queer, trans, non-binary and mad emerging artist. Part clown, part alien, all punk, They have been bringing their work to life in the form of upcycled fashion and prints, illustration, performance art and tattoos since 2018. As a performer they have been involved in a number of events, parties, and festivals, both online and in person, and they are the host and producer of Daddy Issues, a dad rock drag king night. They currently work at NicerFolks studio and have been involved with Sketch Working Arts as both a resident artist and mentor. Lallafral lives their weird little life by the words ‘diy or die’. Follow Lallafral on Instagram.

That’s gonna leave a mark
Sticks and stones may break bones, but what doesn’t kill you makes you queerer. ‘That’s gonna leave a mark’ combines drag, burlesque, audience participation and a lil ink therapy to play with themes of trans resilience.

Leopard menace

Image of Leopard menace, wearing a blue, pink, and grey sweater.I am a queer nonbinary Tamil /Sinhalese middle-aged faggy Amma & radical aunty. Poetry is my mother tongue, having been born in colonial England and raised in Algonquin territory. Now making home, art and family on Anishnawbeg & Haudenosaunee land specifically T’karonto in neighbourhood of Little Jamaica. I co-founded the Teardrop Collective and wrote a queer Tamil comedy called Leopards & Peacocks. I’m trying to get it staged using my ruthless scorpio vibes, pisces sensitivity and aries ego. Also performing poetry especially this queer breakup gospel, with audience participation. Follow Leopard menace on Instagram.

Express your Ex


Image of MD, shot over the shoulder, shirtless.Mary-Dora (MD) is a queer millennial, multi-disciplinary performance artist, care worker, doula, somatic movement educator, writer and second-generation settler based in Tkaronto. Their work focuses on queer body-centered practices and healing arts for a more livable future. As a dance artist, MD has more recently begun engaging in research and creation for a new solo performance work, supported by residencies at Dance Makers Toronto, Lake Studio Berlin, Toronto Dance Theatre, and the National Ballet of Canada’s Open Space programme, among others. They have also collaborated with various artists, including Adam Barrett, Amanda Acorn, Amanda Smith (FAWN Chamber Creative), David Earle, Nicole Negro, Pamela Rasbach (Typecast Dance), and Alyssa Martin (Rock Bottom Movement). With Rock Bottom Movement, MD was a company dancer for over 10 years and was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Ensemble in the performance of MANICPIXIEDREAMGIRLS (2017).  In addition to their artistic practice, MD works as a care worker, doula, and somatic movement educator, weaving various holistic modalities into their work. They are passionate about creating affirming and transformative spaces for the community and are committed to using their skills and experiences to foster resilience in the people they work with. Drawing from their own experiences of trauma and disability, they explore how the arts, movement, and care work can be used as tools for community transformation and collective healing. Follow them on IG to see what they are up to @crystalwhispurr

The Awakening
The Awakening is a bold and provocative performance practice, a journey, a ritual, a prayer, a dance, a fashion show, a love letter and a celebration of erotic power and pleasure. Through the archetype of the playful trickster, a spiritual space of magick and transformation emerges.

Rosalind Goodwin

Image of Rose, wearing a black v neck long sleeve shirt.Rosalind Goodwin (fae/she/they) is an Irish settler based in Tkarón:to. Originally from Treaty 6 territory and the small town of Ponoka, Rosalind finished a BFA in Performance Arts at the University of Lethbridge before relocating for work. Rose has since produced Jizz Sock for the 2015 Toronto Fringe Festival, and Rose’s Buds- A Trans Cabaret for the 2021 Paprika Festival. She was also one of the co-creators of audience choice runner-up- Gender Reveal Party at the 2019 Summerworks Festival. She has also co-produced the short film Scaring Women at Night which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Follow Rosalind on Instagram.

Trans Girl Sailor Moon
Trans Girl Sailor Moon talks about reclaiming femininity, friendship, and power over the patriarchy, and how being trans is just like being a magical girl. Watch someone transform in front of your eyes as Trans Girl Sailor Moon.

Rubie Magnitude

Image of Rubie, wearing a yellow dress and red lipstick.Rubie Magnitude is a multi-talented, bi burlesque babe with a background in theatre and a constant need to create. A venerable chameleon, she uses her unique fashion sense in combination with elements of the dance style Waacking to create unique, unforgettable acts to many different genres of music. When not on stage, Rubie wears various other creative hats (photographer, DJ, writer) as she works to carve out a freelance career and keep the dopamine chase alive. Follow Rubie on Instagram.

Rubie is bringing you a living, breathing mashup, a thrilling embodiment of chaotic bi energy where Burlesque meets Waacking, vintage glam meets pop-art punk, and Lady Gaga makes sweet sweet love to Metallica. At least one surprise prop is guaranteed.

HOST: Julie Phan 潘家雯

Black and white image of Julie Phan. Julie is wearing a harness and is posing upside down.Julie Phan 潘家雯 feels empty inside. If this McGill dropout was a piece of art, she would be the world’s biggest rubber duck in the Toronto Harbour. She is a Hoklo- Vietnamese writer, actor and exotic dancer based in Toronto and Montreal and recent graduate from the National Theatre School of Canada in playwriting. She is best known for disappointing her father and her work with fu-GEN asian theatre company (double bill, fearless).

Queer Pride Festival 2023