Daughters of Lilith
June 13



June 13 at 8:00pm // The Chamber // Tickets $15-$18 advance, $25-$30 at the door

Daughters Of Lilith is directed by Ravyn Wngz and features an all Black woman cast. Daughters of Lilith is the story of six complicated sisters who are bound together through blood, Blackness, femininity, the past and the present. Each sister has a dual nature which is symbolic of the very vital dual nature in all women. It is a story about how Black women survive love, loss, heartbreak, misogynoir and trauma.

The sisters reunite in the forest, searching for their mother Lilith and for ways to remember their personal and collective magic.

directed by
Ravyn Wngz

written by
Dainty Smith 

Miranda Warner as Sister Warrior
Sharrae Lyon as Sister Witch
Amber Williams King as Sister Death
Rania El Mugammar as Sister Jezebel
Dainty Smith as Sister Wolf
Steff Ivory Conover as Sister Daughter

associate producer
Steff Ivory Conover

stage manager
Laura Swan

make up artist
Trixi Jones

costume designer
Brooke Alviano

photo by n.maxwell lander