Behind the scenes with the YCU

The [color]Young Creators Unit[/color] have been working hard this year as part of the Queer Youth Arts Program.

Writing and starring in a show ain’t easy, folks.  Laura, one of the Rhubarb interns, caught up with [color]Katie Sly[/color] and [color]Shaista Latiff[/color], two YCU members while they’re were rehearsing Evil Love Songs and Graceful Rebellions, and snapped some behind-the-scenes shots.

YCU shows happen every Saturday and Sunday of Rhubarb.  Be sure to catch these two this weekend! And come back next weekend to see new works by Sina Gilani and Aemelius (Milo) Ramirez.

Evil Love Songs and Graceful Rebellions happen February 23-24 at 6:00 and 6:30.
For more info on Evil Love Songs, click here.
For more info on Graceful Rebellions, click here.
Tickets are pay-what-you-can

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