Kim Crosby and Vivek Shraya talk about pleasure

[color]Kim Crosby[/color] and [color]Vivek Shraya[/color] are two thirds of the curatorial team behind [color]Resistance & Raunch[/color] – a raunchy and rebellious late night cabaret at Rhubarb. Their word of the day is: [color]Pleasure[/color]
…from Kim

Pleasure for me is power, creation and magic. It is giving parts of yourself and holding other parts back. It is holding someone’s precious parts in your mouth gazing up at them on your knees cumming down your chin. It is the power of giving someone else pleasure, pain at their request. It is the power of receiving, holding, bottoming, riding, lounging.

And it’s creation. In the collisions of our imagination and of our bodies, we create unique experiences that have never happened before and will never happen again. And it’s magic, we make each other feel loved, hot, fragile, powerful. We can coax these feelings out of each other with just a look. Pleasure is rooted deep in our senses, and locked in our desire.

..from Vivek

a song

and a photo

(credit: R. Kelly Clipperton)

Resistance and Raunch is the second of two cabarets happening at Rhubarb and takes place on February 28. It is co-curated by Kim Crosby, Vivek Shraya and Mikiki.  Click here for more info.
Visit Resistance & Raunch tumblr.

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