Welcome to the One-To-One Performance Series

You heard from Zita, one of the Rhubarb interns, earlier when she wrote about Rhubarb partnerships. Zita has also played a big role in organizing this year’s One-to-One Performance Series, which kicks off tonight at The 519. Wonder what these are? Want to have another go at them? Zita tells you how:

What do dancing moles, queer shamanism, eulogies, disco balls, drowning and embroidery have in common? They are all part of the One-To-One Performance Series at the 34th Rhubarb.  Intern Zita gives you the rundown:

The One-To-One Performance Series is just how it sounds: one performer to one audience member, or – more accurately – one participant. From drinking tea and sharing stories to fumbling about blindfolded in the dark, the 1-2-1 performances each require the audience member to participate in a variety of ways.    

Intrigued? Here’s your “how to 1-2-1 at Rhubarb” step-by-step.

Step 1

Arrive triumphantly at The 519 Church Street Community Centre. We’re back in action for a second year at The 519. The 519 (located at 519 Church street, just north of Wellesley) is a bustling and vibrant community hotspot. The One-To-One Performance Series will happen all over the building in meeting rooms, in offices, and even in the kitchen.

Step 2

Say hello to our volunteers, complement their fancy Rhubarb t-shirts, and check in at the Box Office.  The One-To-One  box office will be in the lobby of The 519 and hosted by Rhubarb volunteers. They’ve got information for your brain and answers for your questions.

The box office is where you check in and sign up to participate. All performances are pay-what-you-can.

Step 3

Choose your own adventure.  There are six super different performances to pick from. Do you want to create a universe of stars with a dancer? Want to discover queer shamanism? Or are you in the mood to hold hands and listen to a story? Or maybe you could totally go for an embroidery tattoo hand-sewn onto your clothing?

If you’re curious, descriptions of each project is on the Rhubarb web page, but the more-detailed One-To-One Performance Series menu will be available at The 519 on the nights of the performances. The menu will give you the scoop on performance length and what you, our brave and noble participant, need to do. Read the menu carefully (some performances involve burning sage and you’ll be blindfolded for another).

Step 4

Enjoy!  Since this performance is for you and the artist, it’s utterly unique; no one else will have the same experience.  Your performance is just for you. Enjoy it!  

The One-To-One Performance Series happens at The 519 from February 22-24, 6-9pm.  Click here for more info.
Call the main Buddies box office at 416-975-8555 ahead of time to reserve your spot or sign-up at The 519 lobby on the night of the performance.

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