William Ellis on Queer spaces

Here at Buddies, we understand that running a queer space is no small order.  We thought we’d ask one of Rhubarb’s partners this year for some advice.  [color]William Ellis[/color], co-owner of [color]Videofag[/color] responded with some tips.  Pay attention:

10 lessons I learned since starting a DIY queer arts space

1. You will go through more toilet paper than you could ever imagine
2. Your google calender will become the most valuable thing you own (above gold, silver and facebook)
3. You will refer to watching TV as a “Screening”
4. The party ends when the fluorescent lights come on (and won’t turn off)
5. If you tape and nail a Styrofoam elephant to the wall, it will fall when someone is sleeping or performing under it
6. When people rub their denim butts on the wall it leaves blue prints (not floor plans)
7. “Whoa, what is this place?” is frequently heard. Followed by “Wait, you live here?”
8. When you go out you’ll notice that you have more in common with bartenders and doormen, then with anyone dancing and having a good time
9. When the three yappy poodles downstairs start barking, it’s best to just say it’s part of the sound design
10. People will always leave behind their umbrella’s, scarfs, dresses, mittens, stands, projection screens, ipads and take out food containers (btw, if any of these are yours…)

Videofag, in partnership with Rhubarb present Vigil(ance) as part of the Mobile Works Series.
Vigil(ance) happens February 27-March 3.  Click here for more information.
Visit Videofags website.
Or find them on facebook

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