Michel Marc Bouchard’s note on Tom at the Farm

Losing someone suddenly is a thread that snaps, breaking the ties to the other person, the man who is no longer there. The survival instinct takes over and the unravelled pieces of life try to piece themselves together with other unravelled pieces. It hardly matters with whom or with what. Other people become synonymous with the one who is no longer there: a brother, a son, a lover.

a note from evalyn parry

For the last four years, Brad Hart and I have travelled all over the continent, performing SPIN as a duet. We’ve met cyclists, music and theatre enthusiasts from Inuvik, NWT, to Vancouver Island to Newfoundland, and brought the story of the bicycle’s incredible, historic impact on women’s emancipation to some pretty far-flung places. And over the journey, the show has evolved, changed and grown up.