Emerging Creators Unit Showcase
June 17

Image of a graphic that reads, “BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES THEATRE QUEER PRIDE! June 2-25, 2023” with black block letters ranging in boldness. The text is surrounded by a black border, with a rainbow gradient background.

June 17, 6:30PM |The Chamber | $10 / $25 / $40 / $70 | PWYC at the door


Facilitated this year by multidisciplinary artist Erum Khan, our Emerging Creators Unit has been curating a path of artistic exploration and discovery. At our Queer Pride Festival, participants C4LDEIR4, James Knott, and Marium Masood conclude their time with a sharing of newly developed work and insights into their creative processes and learnings.

C4LDEIR4 is facing off with her reflection in the dressing room mirror, wearing a grey bathrobe, red sports bra, gold shorts, and fuzzy slippers. C4LDEIR4 has long, curly brown hair up in a messy bun and is making fists with her hands up to her chest.C4LDEIR4 is a creator of film, performance, visual art and experience. Her work is rooted in navigating the seen, unseen and inbetween. She is influenced by nature and nurture; breath, sound and music; language and creative expression; stillness and poetic movements; found objects, reflective material and meaning making; one’s inner child and the universe; interconnectivity and the present moment. With a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA), C4LDEIR4’s interdisciplinary work stems in producing, managing and artistically curating: creative projects, events and art-education programming rooted in the street arts community. C4LDEIR4 continues utilizing her art as a tool, key, and sword to reach appreciative audiences worldwide and empower her personal journey.

A tapestry of poetic movement unfolding.
The being, the body, the journey.
As far as one can see.
All that we carry and all that we let go.
With each breath; our journey home.

Image of James sitting on the edge of the dressing room table at Buddies. James is wearing a black vest over a white blouse with a ruffled neckline, high waisted black dress pants, and silver heeled boots. They have long, curly brown hair, blue eye shadow, and pink lipstick. Shiny black dress shoes sit on the table next to them, along with all of their stage makeup.James Knott is an emerging, Toronto-based artist, having received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Integrated Media from OCAD University. Their performance-based practice employs tactics of self-mythologizing a means to bridge personal narratives into communal ones.

Their work combines theatre, video, and audio with an emphasis on movement/gesture to create immersive and emotionally resonant experiences, exploring themes of paradoxical and queer identity, archetypes of desire, and the commodification of the femme body.

An alumnus of The Roundtable Residency, they’ve exhibited/performed at Xpace Cultural Centre, Trinity Square Video, the Toronto Feminist Art Conference, the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, and the AGO’s First Thursdays.

The Apocalypse In Your Bedroom Tour
This award-winning, self-mythologized facade of a rock show incorporates life-scale video projection, original music, gestural choreography, and on-the-go stage props to coalesce into a theatrical spectacle meets dirty diary reading.

Image of Marium sitting on the dressing room table, kissing herself in the mirror. She is wearing a black tank high neck crop top, and black and grey Adidas fitted yoga pants and white running shoes. Her dark hair is tied back in a low bun, and a blue yoga mat is rolled up beside her.Marium Masood is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist originally from Karachi, Pakistan. She is intrigued by the human condition and uses various mediums to understand herself and the world around her. Getting her start with theatre acting, Marium moved on to explore hip-hop/contemporary dance – after which she developed a deep affinity for digital art. She has since created a range of experimental videos. Marium is now entering her music era by exploring the art of rap, music production, and DJing. Through the Emerging Creator’s Unit, Marium is excited to refine her craft(s), and collaborate with local talent.

Hot Girl Yoga
An interactive performance where you are invited to join a yoga class (voluntary)…however, as the class goes on you soon discover you’ve walked into something much more sinister.

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photos by Greg Wong

Queer Pride Festival 2023