In the Margins (bisexual bodies are always queer)
June 6–8

Image of a graphic that reads, “BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES THEATRE QUEER PRIDE! June 2-25, 2023” with black block letters ranging in boldness. The text is surrounded by a black border, with a rainbow gradient background.

June 6–8 | 12-9PM| Cabaret | Free to Attend

In the Margins (bisexual bodies are always queer) depicts the burgeoning bisexual fantasies of a girl in the year 2000. Inspired by the lurid rainbow aesthetic of the late 90s and Y2K girlhood, this multi-channel animated installation confronts the audience with their assumptions about bisexuality.

by Emily Nixon

Ameesha Lee // illustrator
Tommy Truong // animator + editor
alaska B // composer

Find Emily Nixon on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, and Snapchat at EmilyDaleNixon.

The installation will be open from 12-9PM on June 6-8.

*Content warning: this piece is sexually explicit. Viewer discretion is advised.

The artist would like to acknowledge the Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, and Station Gallery.
Thank you to all the contributing performers. You can support many of them on the following OnlyFans pages: @LilyLouOfficial @SarahCalanthe @EndlessKink @BiMFCouple


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Queer Pride Festival 2023