GENDERPLAY: In the Dark, an immersive theatrical experience
June 14

June 14 at 2:00pm // The Cabaret  // FREE
presented by The Cabaret Company

In The Dark invites you to share what you want. Feel what we feel. See what we want. Call it immersive theatre. Call it a blind date with kink. Call it owning our bodies. When you meet us in the dark, if you give, you’ll get.

“Comfort is very important. Especially in sex. I want to be comfortable. Curious, yes. Adventurous, yes. I want to be guided through experiences. I want warmth, kindness, openness, beauty. To appreciate, be appreciated. To play, to trust. To fantasize and learn about your fantasies. I want weird and normal mixed. I want comfort.” –anon.

by Drasko Bogdanovic, Yury Ruzhyev, Katie Sly, Chy Ryan Spain, Lilya Sultanova