Fancy Art Gallery (F.A.G.)
June 14

June 14 at 9pm | The Chamber | $12 advance, $15 at the door

An art party/performance night/curatorial experiment, Fancy Art Gallery (F.A.G.) showcases Toronto’s up-and-coming performers alongside more experienced artists in a rotating “exhibit of the month”. Hosts Diana Sauss and Molly Amoresse are kicking off this new monthly party at Pride. By challenging performers to tackle their deepest creative selves, they’re hoping for the F.A.G.-iest night in Toronto!

This month’s exhibit will be MONOCHROMATICA. Performers Kreme Inakuchi, Bang Cock, Anne Alien, and Alyesha will take one colour from the rainbow and create a performance around it.

Show at 9PM, doors at 8PM.

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Queer Pride Festival 2022


By Gay AF Comedy & Rushzilla Productions

June 10