The Future is Risky and Possible

Throughout the festival // Installation

“The future is risky and possible,” is a statement developed by Andrew Zealley for their doctorate research into practices of self-risk-taking in relation to art and sex in the era of AIDS industrialization. Stating the obvious in precarious times is not always where people like to go when futures are in question. People like to think in terms of individuality and permanency but the present pandemic moment is brutally underscored by environmental crises; processes of class-based, economic, gendered, and racial divisiveness; and forces of gentrification that perniciously push compliance and normative agendas (even—and especially—into so-called queer lives, pleasures, and politics). These intersectional dynamics demand action. Life itself is a risky proposition, and possibilities abound.

Queerness is inherently, originally radical. Resist calls to return to normal, resist toxic nostalgia.

Find Andrew Zealley on Visual AIDS and Art Metropole.

Queer Pride Festival 2022


By Gay AF Comedy & Rushzilla Productions

June 10