The Lost Pride Show
June 22

“It is clear that there is something special about this particular group.”


June 22 at 8pm | The Chamber |  PWYC – $20

Public Enemy Number One No More! The Bruised Years Choir are back from exile in their fingers-crossed-this-might-soon-be-over debut. The irrepressible Bruisers are back to perform unseen pieces from the lost Pride Show (not seen at Buddies, 2020), share a few greatest hits, and welcome faboo guest music & comedy acts to share the stage, including special guest Lily Frost. Come on down and share the love!!

Featuring all-original takes on the music of Gloria Gaynor, Richard Jones, REM, Judy Garland, Portishead, Christina Aguleira, Gnarls Barkley, SIA, Kerry Westell, Amy Winehouse and more! Featuring scenography culled from original fine art by St. Jamestown-based creator Tom Jonez.

THE BRUISERS begin the week on a positive note, meeting every Monday to sing. They tackle contemporary tunes that suit group vocals. The Choir is comprised of artists who have lived experience with mental health and/or addiction issues.

BRUISED YEARS CHOIR was launched in 2015 as a 6-week course at Workman Arts and has since grown to become a year-long initiative with more than 50 engaged Members over the course of the season. The Choir is led by Dora Award winning music/theatre artist Jim LeFrancois with collaborator and musician Rob Joy. The Choir has a vast repertoire of innovative, re-arranged popular songs, many of which explore themes of madness and hope.

Find them on Facebook and YouTube.

Queer Pride Festival 2022


By Gay AF Comedy & Rushzilla Productions

June 10