QueerCab: Playing with Abundance
June 12

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June 12 at 3PM | The Cabaret | Free/PWYC

As we return to in-person performance we’re asking: how can we honour and celebrate space for all? What does it mean to embrace excess and access? After spending the past five months sharing in community and learning through our Emerging Artist and Producer Series, artists will bring forward new and experimental performance offerings.

curated by Philip Geller

ASL interpretation: This event will be ASL-interpreted by Deaf interpreters Courage Bacchus and Thurga Kanagasekarampillai, working with interpreters Timothy Keslick & Scott Garant.

Alyx (Cloud)

Alyx has short curly hair, is wearing glasses and a red shirt.

A preview scene from Alyx’s upcoming Fringe show, Dreams, Trance Chant depicts an afrobeats-driven transformation sequence, representing a metamorphosis into “the future trans self”.

Alyx (aka Cloud) is a theatre artist, musician, and sound designer. She has recently completed the 2022 Paprika Festival and Nightwood Innovators programs, and is presenting a piece called “Dreams” at this year’s Toronto Fringe. Her work is inspired by and spans multiple mediums, and heavily influenced by the lens of Afrofuturism. Find Alyx online and on Instagram.

Collette Radau

Collette’s piece features discarded artwork collected from thrift stores and garage sales are given new life in an art gallery style installation.

Collette Radau is a Treaty 7-born, Tkaronto-based performer, dramaturg, and director who specializes in new play development and devised theatre. Although she has mainly trained and worked in theatre, she has also studied art and cultural histories in post-secondary and enjoys practicing visual art in her spare time. This is her first art installation and curation. Find Collette online and on Instagram.


100 (95/5) is a performance work where ones intersections of (un)/conscious thought and form are challenged by the artist while at the same time challenging the artist while immersed in the hybrid work.

C4LDEIR4 is a creator of film, performance, visual art and experience. Her work is rooted in navigating the seen, unseen and inbetween. She is influenced by nature and nurture; linguistics, ecopsychology and psydiversity; microcosms and macrocosmns; one’s inner child and the universe; interconnectivity and the present moment. C4LDEIR4 continues creating art to serve as songs of heart, elixir of life and key to emanating one’s inner youngin’ wisdom, truth and testimony. Find C4LDEIR4 on Instagram.


A cabaret performance as the sexy (her words, not mine), surrealist, punk rock, Queen of Carthage: Dido.

Dido enjoys long walks on the beach, yearning for eternal love, and defying the will of the Gods. This is her debut performance, so please cut her some slack, she’s still figuring shit out! Find Dido on Instagram.


Performer stands facing to the side, wearing a black strapless dress, black sunglasses, a black beret, and holding a small green paper umbrella over their shoulder.Witness a firmly grounded contemporary and experimental dance piece infused with spoken word poetry. Exploring what it means to tap into the abundance source as a Queer Bi-racial Black Woman born out of the wasteland concrete jungle called Toronto; rediscovering what once used to be Tkaronto; where there are trees standing in the water.

KeyOnAh is a multi-disciplinary artist talented in the forms of poetry and dance. She began her artistic career at a young age. With a background in classical ballet, KeyOnAh has now ventured into embodied movement and contemporary dance. She invokes the audience into her healing journey. A journey of self-discovery, self-expression, limitless potential and ultimately the journey back to her inner-self. Uncovering stories through her writing and transmuting their wisdom and power into an eclectic, captivating and universal experience. In a society that is hell-bent on creating carbon copies, KeyOnAh vibrantly explores what it means to be authentically you. Find KeyOnAh on Instagram.

Kiera Publicover

Talking to Dead Cats in the Night follows Gretchen and Nora, two sisters who return to their childhood home to burry the corpse of their long dead cat so as to finally put the past to rest. As they dig, details of their relationship, their identities and the pain they hold are unearthed.

Kiera Publicover (They/She) is a Queer multidisciplinary artist, theatre creator and actor. They are the co-Artistic Director of Arrowwood Theatre Company and a 2021 recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts Creation Grant. Kiera’s creative interests live in exploring themes of family, femininity and gender, which she has explored through projects with the Paprika Festival, Soulpepper, and more. Their work involves experimentation with alternative forms of theatre creation, such as physical devising, collective creation, etc. Find Kiera online and on Instagram.

Mackenzie Mccallum-Mallory

A physical theatre excerpt from Mackenzie’s solo show BODY PLAN, exploring trans identity and feelings post top surgery with the use of an overhead projector.

Mackenzie Mccallum-Mallory is a trans theatre artist currently working on his BFA in Performance Creation at York University. His work reflects his experience as a trans man, exploring intimacy and relationships to the queer body in its many variations. Recent Credits include Skinny Dipping Lake (Audio Theatrica Vol. 1), Fruiting Bodies (playGround2022), MASK4MASK (Living Labs Theatre@York 2021-22), and a staged reading of his current solo show in development BODY PLAN (April 2022). Find Mackenzie on Instagram.

Maria Paula Carreño Martinez

Headshot of Maria, who has long brown hair and is wearing a red tank top.

Maria’s speechless performance art piece explores land displacement through a metaphorical interpretation offered by a sacred apple.

Maria Paula Carreño Martinez (she) is a “mix blooded”, queer, multidisciplinary artist and producer born in the territory of Abya Yala known post colonialism as Colombia. Maria Paula acknowledges and thanks the guardians of the land of Tkaronto currently offering her safety. She often explores topics around forced displacement, ancestry, love and death. On this cabaret you get a taste of her preferred performance aesthetic. She rebels against speech, yet she has a lot to say. Find Maria on Instagram.


Rye is sitting on a red armchair in the forest, wearing black and green lingerie.Active Listening is an intentionally disorienting dance video creating a moment for people to reflect on their place in the ecosystem. To a track of the lush sounds of nature, the dancer follows the impulses to their body and expresses deep feelings of grief towards the future of the planet.

Rye is a cereal grass that is cultivated for use in baking, beer making, and other culinary activities. When in human form, Rye is a queer multi-disciplinary artist. They co-produce SPOC, the only all-POC variety show in the Church-Wellesley Village, and are a resident artist at Pride Toronto. Follow Rye on Instagram to stay up to date with their latest shows and projects and to keep up with how deep their grassroots run into anti-colonial activism.



Queer Pride Festival 2022


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June 10