2-Spirit Cabaret
June 13

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JUNE 13 // 8:30PM // $10, $25, $45, or $75

Native Earth Performing Arts and Buddies present the 2-Spirit Cabaret

The 2-Spirit Cabaret is back for its 8th edition! Join Native Earth Performing Arts and Buddies to celebrate, honour, and party with our Two-Spirit and indigiqueer relatives. A celebration of the strength, beauty, and talent of queer and 2-Spirit Indigenous people, the Cabaret features music, dance, drag, performance art, and comedy.

Hosted by Chelazon Leroux with performances by Nina Boujee (AKA Olivia Shortt), Zachariah Highgate, Madame Ode’miin Surprise, Rhinestone Chickadee, Michaela Washburn, and Ravyn Wngz.

Native Earth Performing Arts is Canada’s oldest professional Indigenous performing arts company. Currently, in our 41st year, we are dedicated to developing, producing, and presenting professional artistic expressions of the Indigenous experience in Canada.

Through stage productions (theatre, dance, and multi-disciplinary art), new script development, apprenticeships, and internships, Native Earth seeks to fulfill a community of artistic visions. It is a vision that is inclusive and reflective of the artistic directions of members of the Indigenous community who actively participate in the arts.

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