Muslim Pride Toronto
June 15

A beautiful abstract graphic featuring patterns or green, pink, yellow and black. The text reads: "May twenty fourth to June thirtieth. Queer Pride"

June 15 // 6:30PM // tickets sold in tiers: $21, $26, $31, and $36

ScrapARTS Presents: Muslim Pride Toronto

Muslim Pride is not just a music festival; it is a movement. By attending, you are supporting the visibility and empowerment of queer and trans Muslim individuals. Muslim Pride recognizes the rich history and ongoing struggle that queer and transgender Muslims face. Through their performances, artists pay homage to the pioneers who have paved the way for them to express their identities boldly and authentically. The festival acts as a catalyst for change, fostering conversations and encouraging the broader community to challenge stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination. The festival invites everyone, regardless of their religious or sexual orientation, to come together and celebrate diversity, acceptance, and love.


Sahira Q
Lucifer Rose 

🎼 Also Featuring: 

Urvah Khan
Queer of Sheba
Ola Minou
Tajalli Moondragon
Leila Balakos

🎤 Hosted by:

Troy Jackson & Surprise Host

Muslim Pride Toronto, a groundbreaking festival, emerges as a vibrant celebration of diversity, resilience, and creativity in Toronto. Since its inception in 2021, this festival has been shining a spotlight on the often overlooked intersection of queerness, transgender identities, and the Muslim community. Showcasing the incredible talents of queer and transgender Muslim performance-based artists, Muslim Pride offers a platform for their artistic expression, stories, and experiences.

Queer Pride