Buddies’ 45th Birthday Party!
May 24

A solid pink background with blue abstract faces on each side. The text reads: Forty five years of messy queers! Buddies' forty fifth birthday party. Friday, May twenty fourth at eight pm.

May 24 // 8PM to late // FREE Event

Come celebrate your favourite queer theatre’s 45th birthday with a free full-facility party featuring pop-ups and performances from a bevy of Buddies buddies. It’s going to be a joyous, messy, and most importantly, QUEER night!

hosted by Diane Flacks
featuring Bombae, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, Sita Moon (aka Yolanda Bonnell), Kaleb “Daddy K” Robertson + Neno Freebird, Ryan G. Hinds, Gay Jesus, xLq, Martha Chaves, Yovska, Babia Majora, Lester Trips (Theatre) [featuring Lauren Gillis + Wayne Burns], Regina Gently, Kwaku Okyere, Shane McKinnon, Wrong Note Rusty, and Julie Phan 潘家雯
with music by DJs Phillippe and Sofia Fly

Queer Pride