Walking: Holding
May 25 & 26 - Offsite Event

A beautiful abstract graphic featuring patterns or green, pink, yellow and black. The text reads: "May twenty fourth to June thirtieth. Queer Pride"

May 25 + 26 // Free admission // Offsite at the Bentway

This event is by registration only, and takes place at the Bentway

Presented by The Bentway, in partnership with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

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Walking: Holding is a unique, experiential and participatory performance that invites audience members (one at a time) on a guided walk through The Bentway neighborhood, where they encounter and hold hands with a series of people along the way. Rosana Cade’s project embraces social connections between strangers, illuminating how identity, intimacy, hypervisibility, and vulnerability intersect in public space.

From June 26, 2024 onwards, a photographic portrait series created by Kirk Lisaj with Rosana Cade showcases participants from the performances onsite at The Bentway, and invites you to experience the city from someone else’s perspective and consider how our identities can affect our experience of different spaces. Performances of Walking: Holding take place May 25 & 26, 2024, and the Photography Installation is on view June 26 – October 6, 2024.

This is a performance for one person at a time, where they will meet and hold hands with seven strangers during a predetermined walk. The performance will last 45 minutes. It’s free to attend, but tickets must be reserved through The Bentway’s website linked above. Limited Capacity!

Created by Rosana Cade
Local Lead Artist Aria Evans
Photography Kirk Lisaj

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Find Rosana Cade on their website.

Rosana Cade is a renowned queer artist and facilitator based in Glasgow, Scotland. Their work straddles contemporary theatre, live art, queer cabaret, film, children’s performance, site specific, and socially engaged practices. They see the act of creating live works as practicing imaginative world building, taking us beyond normative realities towards new possibilities.

Their work has toured extensively to a range of venues and organizations such as Gessnerrallee (Zurich), Battersea Arts Centre (London, UK), Festival TransAmériques (Montréal), Frascati (Amsterdam), Kampnagel (Hamburg), Tanzquartier (Vienna), Sophiensaele (Berlin), Vier Nul Vier (Gent, Belgium), Arts Centre Melbourne (Melbourne), and Brisbane Festival (Brisbane).

Rosana is half of Cade & MacAskill, who premiered their show, The Making of Pinocchio in 2022, commissioned by Tramway, Fierce, Kampnagel, and Vier Nul Vier, which continues to tour internationally. Rosana is also the co-founder of Glasgow Buzzcut.

Queer Pride