Thirst Nation : Fed
June 21

A beautiful abstract graphic featuring patterns or green, pink, yellow and black. The text reads: "May twenty fourth to June thirtieth. Queer Pride"

June 21 // 9PM // $30 advance, $4o at the door

$20 tickets available until May 17

Are you ready to eat Toronto? Join us as Thirst Nation boldly delivers their fourth event of the year with ‘Thirst Nation: Fed,’ a groundbreaking collaboration with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Native Women in the Arts, the Textile Museum, and Woodland Cultural Center. Get ready for a full facility take-over of Indigi-queer ecstasy, where we’ll be liberating the Gay Village on National Indigenous People’s Day.

Dive into a kaleidoscope of thematic colour-blocking, amidst the rainbow hues of slut gear, lingerie, drag, and decadence. Previous headliner Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière returns, with DJs Fawn Big Canoe and Gussyee!

Thirst Nation is an Indigenous Queer and 2-Spirit cultural impact that bridges the artistic communities with shared or allied sexuality, gender expansion and creative expression. This era of Thirst Nation now launches into an in-person gathering of artistry, expression, and pride by creative director Tyler J Sloane/Tygr Willy.

Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière // headliner
Fawn Big Canoe, Escobutt + Gussyee // DJs
Dolly Berlin, Thrasher, and Pansy Chisk // performers
Jag Noir, Nenoo Freebird, Owen Unruh, Ravyn Wngz // GOGOs
Cecil E. Goose // stage kitten
Madam Odemiin Surprise // host
Kuya Atay // producer associate

Artist Vendors // Kay Chan, Little Polar Bear Creations, Wild Rabbit Beads, & more!

Moon Lodge Burlesque Installation (Created by Denise Mcleod, Jennifer Murrin, Tash Naveau; filmed by Jaime Whitecrow; with performances by Madam Ode’miin Surprise, Salty Bay, Thrasher, and Tygr Willy)

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