50 Shades of the Rainbow
June 8

A beautiful abstract graphic featuring patterns or green, pink, yellow and black. The text reads: "May twenty fourth to June thirtieth. Queer Pride"

June 8 // @ 2:00PM // $15 early bird, $20 general + door

by ASAAP (Alliance for South Asian Aids Prevention)

50 Shades of the Rainbow was created as a safe space for the marginalized community members of ASAAP who fear being outed during the Pride Toronto Festivities. All community members come together to celebrate Pride Month which is culturally focused when it comes to language, food, and entertainment. This event ensures the booking of community talent to perform on stage and creates an opportunity to showcase talent. We also have an open-stage contest where we invite 10 members of the community to perform and be judged by a panel of their peers. The winner is crowned talent/ queen of ASAAP for the year and gets priority booking for all events during the year. This year we plan to promote community members who have small businesses to display their goods and services to gain recognition within the community. We also have an outreach table to promote ASAAP services in Sexual Health, Harm Reduction, Education, and Settlement Services.

As an organization, ASAAP is committed to providing culturally responsive holistic health promotion, support services, and settlement services for people from SAMEIC (South Asian, Middle Eastern, Indo-Caribbean) and other related communities who are LGBTQ+ and/or living with, at-risk of, or affected by HIV and related health conditions. Our services are offered in English, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Nepali, Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish. Support in other languages may be available based on the availability of staff and/or volunteers.

Drag Performers & Judges:
Sushmita Patel
Rimi Heart
Cobrani Lahore
Veronica Nabra
Sanjina Dabish Queen – Showstopper

Find them on their website and Instagram.

Queer Pride